Wednesday, May 26, 2010

where the wild things are

The wild things are under our apartment, that's where they are! 2 nights ago, while I was returning the potting soil and dead herbs to the earth, i looked down to see animal haunches sticking out from under my building. {hear: screaming, panic, slamming of window} I'm not really sure what I was most afraid of at the moment, I suppose a movie-like reaction of this creature jumping up and rabidly attacking my face. Billy looked out the window and saw a white face... animal still unknown..

flash forward animal control comes, sets a trap and it catches a little black kitten-- i cry.

TODAY we awoke to a phone cal from animal control asking where the trap went. IT WAS STOLEN! hooray!!! The kitten was freed I assume!! but unfortunately the grey critter living under us, is still there. and our apartment complex is not blacklisted from animal control since someone stole the trap. literally... can they do that? isn't that like saying the police refuse to help you because you inconvenienced them? well maybe not... but if my nightmare comes true and the critter burrows through the floor and into my apartment... words will be had--- or screamed. I'll let you know.

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